Welcome! My name is Manuel Paccagnella, and I’m your host for this blog. I was born in 1986 and now, a bunch of years later, I work in Italy as a software developer at Warda.

In my day job I work mainly with Java and Javascript, but I have a great passion and curiosity for the world of software development and I’m constantly learning. I’m particularly interested in functional programming, and right now I’m fond of Haskell and Clojure. If you attended EuroClojure 2012 you have probably saw me there :)

I like to read, study, write some code, and occasionally post on this blog.

“Functional” title

Λ is a capital Lambda (λ), a Greek letter, and it’s a tribute to λ-calculus which is the foundation of Functional Programming (FP).

This site is the place where I write my explorations, thoughts and ideas in the field of CS. In particular about FP, that I think is the way to go to do software development and maintenance without going crazy.

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